Nagaoka MP-series cartridges and Nagaoka audio accessories with the authentic vinyl sound 

With Nagaoka cartridges music becomes art. 

Made of intricate combinations of audio signals.
To make these sinals heard from a record, the pickup cartridge, is the first and 
perhaps the most important link. Nagaoka's has been for over 30 years a 
manufacturer of pickup cartridges  and accessories. All parts of the pickup 
cartridges and the necessay parts are made ​​in-house. This makes Nagaoka 
the only manufacturer in the world to be able to control all parts needed to 
manufacture pick-up catridges 

Nagaoka cartridges MP series

In pursuit of an ideal cartridge the Nagaoka's technology has been 
concentrated in the high performance MP-series

In these new high performance Nagaoka MP-series cartridges we have used most 
update materialsThis includes a Permalloy oscillator having a high magnetic permeability 
and a samarium cobalt magnet having a high magnetic energy. These materials take 
advantage of Nagaoka advanced cartridge technology. The cartridges of these MO-series 
product a flat sound for all frequency ranges from Crystal clear high notes to super deep 
low tones that clearly accentuate every detail of musical instruments.The sensitive sound 
that is a characteristic of Nagaoka's continuous pursuit of perfect sound reproduction 
should not fail to provide you with musical and audio satisfaction  


Nagaoka Rolling Cleaner CL-1000.  Way better than any record brush! There is no better 
way to clean off the dust and light fingerprints on your records. Dust stick to records due to 
static, making them difficult to brush off; and brushing tend to generate even more static! 
The Nagaoka’s very soft and sticky rolling surface actually lift dirt not only from the record 
surface, but from the record grooves too. It is easily washable and can be used and re-used 
for many years to come. Your records will stay in tip-top condition longer, with much 
less wet cleaning required. ”Analogue must-have! … this is one of the best HiFi accessories 
around, with an impressive value for money ratio.

Nagaoka Discfile No.102. Anti-static Record Sleeves - Considered by many to be the finest 
record sleeves. Being U-shaped and made of a fine material means they are perfect either 
as a substitute/replacement sleeve, or for inserting into original paper sleeves. 
Each pack contains 50 sleeves.

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