Nagaoka 78 rpm styli

78 R.P.M. diamond styli for Nagaoka MP-series

The generally accepted tip radius for playback of 78 RPM records is 3.0 Mil (0,003 inch).
Due to the playback in the past of these very old records with very high stylus pressure or even
with steel needles a lot of damage has been caused to the grooves. This damage is
the cause of a lot of distortion and back-ground noise. Sometimes better results can
be achieved by playing the record either on a lower part or a higher part of the groove
which may have been damaged less than the average height. To play-back at a higher
level, use either the 3.5 mil, 4.0 mil. To playback at a lower groove level use either
the 2.0 mil, or 2.5 mil tip. When you have found the best height affix a sticker to the
record so you will know the next time which stylus tip to use for best results.