Nagaoka accessoires for turntables

The turntable mat supplied by the record player makers often absorbs a lot of the sound stored in the records groove. It is well known that by using different materials to manufacture the record mat, you can greatly improve the sound experienced by reducing the amount of information being lost in the mat.

Nagaoka has pioneered the use of crystal for record player mats. The manufacturing of these mats has been enabled by the expertise of Nagaoka in the field of grinding hard materials. The Nagaoka Crystal mat has a diameter of 290 mm, 6 mm thick and weighs about 1 KG. The center has been depressed slightly in order to offer space for the slightly thicker part of the record, the label, ensuring full contact between the record and the mat.

The Nagaoka Crystal mat is lighter and harder than aluminum and coated with a special technique. It helps produce a crystal clear sound with excellent separation.